The Jewelry Box

Various wildlife management agencies band waterfowl for any number of reason. We call these bands, jewelry, leg irons or Sunday go to meeting clothes. Some of these come with a bounty for acknowledging the harvest and some basic info. For the hardcore waterfowler these are the standards which we gauge a hunters success by. Here are some of our trophies

The Band Counter

What Banding Does

From the USGS website "Bird banding data are useful in both research and management projects. Individual identification of birds makes possible studies of dispersal and migration, behavior and social structure, life-span and survival rate, reproductive success and population growth." Click here to read more

This simple little piece of iron helps waterfowl management agencies and professionals to help determine:

  • Dispersal and Migration
  • Behavior and Social Structure
  • Determining Life Span
  • Longevity Records
  • Population Studies
  • Estimating Survival and Productivity
  • Toxicology and Disease Research

Report a Band

Do your part and support waterfowl research and help use monitor the species that we love so much! Click here to report a band