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Our Philosophy

Green goldIt is the goal of Team Russell to provide you with a hunt of a lifetime experience. We hunt and scout daily to insure that we are where the birds are. I am living my life’s dream of hunting waterfowl and spending time in the blind with old friends and making new ones with each season’s pass. Come join us in the blind for some greenheads feet down and belly up waiting on the call "Swat That Ass Boys"

Expect More

This is how we do itBy choosing a guide who "lives and breathes" to hunt ducks you are ensured a trip of a lifetime. We spend everyday we can in the woods and hunt almost everyday of the season. It's just what we do!!!!

Our Waterfowl Life

One of our blinds Another of our premium blinds

  Another blind ready to huntYou just gotta have gear

From blinds to shotguns, the same invesment and attention to detail is obvious and expected. You get what you pay for and we live for quality

A lifetime of knowledge

Robert Steiner 1996 CA Mallard printFor years I have hunted and lived on the water to pursue waterfowl. From the days of the point system to today, we have chased em and tried it all. We try to give back and add something to the sport which has enriched our lives! You wanna do your part, take someone hunting or fishing!

Early Waterfowl Season

Oklahoma has announced the teal and early resident goose season. SEPTEMBER TEAL: Sept. 14-29, 2013; statewide. SPECIAL RESIDENT CANADA GOOSE: Sept. 14-23, 2013; statewide Click here for more information

Waterfowl Season

Oklahoma has announced the waterfowl season. Hopefully we will have water and weather for this great season.

From OK Wildlife website "Zone 2 duck season dates will be Nov. 2 through Dec. 1 and Dec. 14 through Jan. 26, with youth waterfowl days slated for Oct. 19-20. The daily limit of six ducks may include no more than: five mallards (only two may be hens), three wood ducks, three scaup, two redheads, two pintails and two canvasback."

Click here for more information

Thanks to All

We are fortunate to live in the Central Flight way and do enjoy a fabulous hunting season. Come join us and we will be happy to pass on some of what we know.

To many times we forget that others do not know as much as we do. Drop us an email and ask questions as you have them. If we don't know it, we can find out who does!

News and Info

Outdoor Life TaxidermyWith a lifetime of waterfowling we have a lifetime of mounted specimens. From woodies to large geese we have em all! From good mounts to show quality,we also have them all. Outdoor Life Taxidermy does a great job and is worth a call. Give them a chance to display the riches of a successful hunt. Click here to see some of their work